Chuck Page You’ve reached the website and blog of Chuck Page.  My goal in life is to help people and I’ve done that in many ways over the years.  I’ve raised two amazing daughters and have served my community as City Council Member & Mayor for 8 years (2006-2014).  I was very involved in state-wide issues via the League of California Cities, where I chaired the State Environmental Policy Committee and served as President of the Peninsula Division.  I ran for State Assembly in 2014 and I received almost 41% of the vote, not enough to win, but a very strong showing indeed.  

I also ran for CA State Senate District 15 in 2016, knowing that running against the incumbent would be extremely difficult, will little chance of winning, but I had a message to get across, so I ran.

That message?  Frankly, it’s time for a change.  California has very real problems, from our water shortage to homelessness.  Increased taxes are not the answer to these problems – better use of our existing funds is.  Partisan Politics needs to become a thing of the past – our legislators need to work together to solve our state’s problems, not play favorites with big donor pet issues as has been done for a very long time.

I’m an active Saratoga Rotarian and a member of several church and charitable organizations.  If you’re interested in learning more about the issues we’re looking at now, please click on the Issues Tab and voice your opinion, too!

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  1. Yongjian Wu says:

    Hi, Chuck:

    I think GOP needs to make effort in outreaching to Asian American Communities this time and it is time to turn the tide in California political map. As a city of Saratoga resident and registered Independent, I have been voted for Democrats for the past elections consistently. However, Democratic supermajority is doing a dis-service to our state and it needs to be changed. I support your campaign.


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