California’s educational system is ranked 47th in the USA.  The failed attempts of our State are demonstrated again and again throughout our state.  Those impacted the most are the underserved of our communities, many in our inner cities.  The Supreme Court’s decision in the Vergera vs LA Board of Education pointed very clearly to the fact that improvements must be made.  It is imperative that School Boards, Administrators and Teachers take a leadership role in defining better methods of helping our teachers be the best teachers they can be.

Our educational system has to change in several ways.  First, we must improve the education of children aged 3-7 AND THEIR PARENTS.  Every child – and his or her parents – must understand that education is the path to a successful and contributing adulthood.  As the first teachers of our children, parents must understand this.  There are some in our society who do not and we must help them.  Our educational system also must provide opportunities for trade skill development starting in High School.  Not every student will attend college directly after high school, and our educational system must develop opportunities for those students.

Charter schools have proven to be successful in helping students succeed through creativity and greater accountability.  I support charter schools in our public education system.

Wherever you stand on Common Core, it is obvious that it has been a very expensive undertaking.  There have always been educational standards, and they are always changing.  I am not a fan of common core, and I know that we need better tools to measure the success of any standard that is implemented.  Bring back the STAR test or put something else in place ASAP.


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