Water is essential to Life itself.  As we all know, California has been in the midst of a drought for most of our recent history.  In 2014, voters passed the 7.545B Water Bond (Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014) – general obligation bonds to generate funds to be used with the funds slated to fund ecosystems and watershed protection and restoration, water supply infrastructure projects, including surface and groundwater storage, and drinking water protection.  Looking through the “Bond Accountability” website is quite informative.  Informative if you believe that cancelled projects and a couple of sentences about a project provide accountability.

Our state legislators need to act on creating water storage and infrastructure now.  I am amazed at how few projects have been defined – our state has Water Districts around the state who (like the Santa Clara Valley Water District, aka “The Golden Spigot”) who should have been mandated to have projects in mind and ready to go.  Instead, they are falling ruefully short and instead mandating more conservation rules.  Did you know that residential use of water is only about 13% of the total used in the state?  Residential landscaping use is about 8% of the total, which means that we use only about 5% of the state’s total for our in-home needs.  Yes, we should cut our landscaping use of water, but how much more can they penalize us for drinking, washing and cooking?  And I do mean penalize, because with each new conservation regulation comes increased costs to residential consumers.